Whether you’re producing an event such as a concert, festival, product launch or exhibition or promoting a new product, company or brand, we have the contacts and the know how to increase awareness, with targeted campaigns, which will maximise exposure to your target audience.


We provide marketing on a flexible basis, offering full-time, contract or part-time support, managing everything from:

• Design

• Digital

• Distribution

• Media buying

• Planning

• Print

• Promotion

• Publicity

• Social media

• Sponsorship



Indoor and outdoor poster distribution is an integral part of guerilla marketing strategies. With over 15 years experience, our team is infamous for their extensive retail and pole postering campaigns. With street teams out on the road 7 days a week we cover all areas, north, south, east and west.


We can also assist with direct mail campaigns.

• A3 and A2 retail poster distribution

• Hand to hand flyer distribution

• Guerrilla marketing

• Pole poster distribution

• Stencilling